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All Star Plumbing provides Hydro Jetting services in Fresno CA to clean your plumbing much more efficient than drain snakes or primitive push and pressure techniques.

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Hydrojetting Is The Most Efficient Way To Clean Your Pipes From Buildup And Debris

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Blast your pipes clean with hydro jetting.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is the process of cleaning clogged pipes and sewage lines as well as slow moving drains with a high pressure water stream. The high pressure water jets are sent through a specialized nozzle that produces a powerful clog breaking spray.

A hydro jet is usually inserted through a drain cleanout to gain access to the clog. First we start with a video inspection of the plumbing system and a drain camera is used to pinpoint the problem and ensure hydrojetting is the right option. Once the clog is located we insert the hydro jetter hose, it is activated and the clog is attacked with a high pressure stream of water.

A hydro jetter can be adjusted to the appropriate pressure for every situation. The All Star Plumbing hydro jetter has enough pressure to break up tree roots in your sewer and plumbing lines.

Hydro Jet
Hydro jetting is preferred over snakes to extend the life of your pipes.

When Do You Use Hydro Jetting Over Plumbing Snakes?

In a grease based clog there isn’t one solid mass restricting drain flow. When a drain snake is used in this case, the snake just pokes a hole in the grease, but the rest of the buildup remains. The remaining grease leaves a platform for more buildup and you can expect a backup every 6 months.

With hydro jetting, you can decimate the grease clog and clean all the way down to the drain pipe wall. Hydrojetting is also great for removing hair clogs, tree roots, and food particles. The All Star Plumbing hydro jet not only breaks up your clogs, it clears your plumbing lines of buildup on the pipe walls.

What Are The Advantages Of Hydro Jetting?

With hydro jetting you can clear almost any clog. The thorough cleaning from a hydro jet will also extend the health of your pipes and keep your drains flowing longer. A plumbing snake is a typical solution that can provide temporary drain relief. Only hydro jetting can provide a complete drain cleaning solution.

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hydro jetting advantage
Hydro jetting has many advantages including extending the life of your pipes.

Different Jetter Heads and What They Are Used For

Hydrojetting, also known as water jetting, is a process used to clean pipes and drains. Different types of jetter heads are used to achieve different outcomes in hydrojetting.

How the de-rooter jetter head gets through roots

A de-rooter jetter head is designed to effectively cut through roots that have infiltrated and clogged a pipeline. It uses high-pressure water to create a rotating cutting action, which allows it to slice through tough root growth. The cutting action is created by a series of angled jets positioned around the circumference of the head, which direct the water in a circular motion. The water pressure and flow rate are carefully balanced to provide maximum cutting power without causing damage to the pipe itself. The rotating head is also equipped with a spring-loaded collar that helps to keep the head centered in the pipe as it rotates, ensuring that it makes maximum contact with the roots and cuts through them effectively. In this way, a de-rooter jetter head is able to clear stubborn root blockages and keep pipes flowing smoothly.

Hydrojetting in Action - Quarterly Maintenance

Quarterly hydrojetting, or water jetting, has several advantages:

  1. Preventive Maintenance: Hydrojetting performed on a quarterly basis can help to prevent blockages from forming in pipes and drains, thus reducing the likelihood of costly clogs and backups.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Regular hydrojetting helps to keep pipes clear and free-flowing, allowing water and waste to move more efficiently through the system.
  3. Improved System Longevity: By removing built-up deposits, grime, and other materials that can cause corrosion and wear on pipes and drains, hydrojetting can help extend the lifespan of a plumbing or sewer system.
  4. Enhanced Environmental Compliance: Regular hydrojetting can help facilities stay compliant with environmental regulations by keeping pipes clear and reducing the risk of spills and other types of contamination.
  5. Cost Savings: Regular hydrojetting can help to reduce maintenance costs in the long run by preventing blockages, reducing the risk of backups, and extending the lifespan of the plumbing or sewer system.

Hydrojetting Before & After

Before hydrojetting, your plumbing likely had accumulated buildup of various substances such as grease, soap scum, mineral deposits, and other debris in the pipes. This can lead to clogs, slow drains, and reduced flow of water.

After hydrojetting, the high-pressure water stream clears out all the accumulated buildup, restoring the pipes to their original diameter, allowing for improved flow and reduced risk of clogs. Your plumbing should function more efficiently and effectively after hydrojetting, providing you with better water pressure and drainage.

hydrojetting before and after
Hydrojetting before and after

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Tanya R - Fresno, CA

Thank you for fixing my flooded basement so quickly, I thought I was in real trouble until I saw how quickly and efficiently your team went to work - you guys are the best!

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Jerry was great along with customer service friendly, helpful & really helped us diagnose our problem with this old plumbing. Thanks to Jerry especially!!

Tanya R - Fresno, CA

Thank you for fixing my flooded basement so quickly, I thought I was in real trouble until I saw how quickly and efficiently your team went to work - you guys are the best!

Tammy G - Fresno, CA

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